Tethering: What Knot To Do

Lately I’ve been spotting too many inelegantly-knotted tethers on the end of boisterous dogs. Bad knots either come loose too easily (defeating their purpose) or are too fiddly to untie in an emergency (and everything is a potential emergency through these vet-eyes…soz).

So! If you ever find yourself in a position where you:

  1. Are fit to deem it useful, beneficial, kind and safe, to tether a creature* or non-creature;

  2. Happen to have some good lead or rope on hand, already comfortably and securely attached to the creature;

  3. Need a trusty knot that can also get you out of strife in a jiffy, then…

You want something that is reliably strong, and reliably reversible.

And the Quick Release Knot is your friend.

*Here, I must stress: to be ‘the tetherer’ is a rather odd power and a privilege that we humans have—please wield responsibly, with creature’s best interest at heart. Here are some guidelines for tethering by the RSPCA and Australian Veterinary Association.