Dangerlam — Kim Lam.

Kim is an illustrator living in Melbourne.

She loves the thrill of unravelling complex ideas and distilling them into compelling and playful ways for both business and pleasure. 

Forever on the lookout (+soft spot) for all things whimsical, naive, jesterly and silly—Kim likes to evoke such in her work. In her spare time she enjoys wresting secrets from the universe by quietly observing and reading: books, people, animals and nature. And her cat, π.*

On the side, Kim collaborates with Dr Jason Fox & The Cleverness. Their favourite project to date is publishing the independent magazine The Cleverness Biannual.

She is currently on hiatus from her past-life as a veterinarian, one which saw her wielding scalpels and saving little furry lives on a regular day-to-day. 

* π is adept at walking the junction between various spheres of reality, and sleeping.


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Pi Portal by dangerlam

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