Small Pleasures

An ongoing, autobiographical series* of gratitudes and everyday occurrences drawn for the sheer pleasure of it.

Collecting small pleasures keeps me actively on the lookout for more and effectively increases my daily uptake of joy. They come in all shapes and sizes—from the barely-perceptible, to the all-encompassing. 

If you want to hold these in your hands, you can find them in printed zine-form.

* Originally created as part of #The100DayProject 2016 in a Hobonichi diary.



The sound of scissors snipping through a taut sheet of hair

Earnest signage

Surrendering to a 10-point, lathering head massage at the hair salon

Clear horizontal surfaces: a blank canvas for (possible) work, (probable) mess

Spooning in the correct order and falling asleep in sync

Well-orchestrated domestic instruments, operating in harmony

Dip:chip ratio >2:1

Finders keepers. Especially lost marbles

Taking a bundle of hot linens out of the tumble dryer and into warming embrace

Succumbing to the dual pleasures of chicken nuggets and bed: chicken nuggets in bed

Chip flow: developing magic chip-eating hand apparati

Peak cat

Being able to see the world through clean glasses

Walking around with an orgasmatron in your hair, like you just don't care

The mix of pride/humiliation when your cat breaks character mid-play and leaves you hanging

Piggybacks: being small enough to get one and/or strong enough to give one

Impending home-made pasta

Blanket hermitage: the reliable place to go when you've got a cold

Peripheral vision trickery with whimsical outcomes

Plant necromancy: remembering to water your plant and enjoying the aliveness

Watching steam rise from your skin

Buttering already buttered bread

Falling asleep on park benches

Feline incantations (silent meows)

Sweet heavenly physical relief: balasana, child's pose

Staring into space mid-task

Opening the window to listen to the rain (and water the plant)

Solving mental blocks with bonus points for not resorting to google.

Fogged up spectacles over a steaming cuppa

Cat tap taps—only just pleasurable

Full circle pencil sharpenings

Letting yourself fall asleep

Waking up just before the alarm, and therefore not being woken by the alarm

Peeling off wet socks

Managing to make a shy person smile

Smiling in the mirror

Taking the time to honourably present a single small flower

Placing eggs, one at a time

Catching things before a potentially spectacular fall like it was your destiny

Cat as drawing board / an animal on the lap

Sharing cake with friends

Seeing teenage boys help their mums out with the groceries

The feat of penning a blank page with even lines

Getting away with signature forgery

Warm sunny floor shapes to sun bake on

The exhilaration of hiding, pre-surprise

Reading in bed together

Sneak peeks at the last page of a book

© Kim Lam 2015+ ⦚ ✎