Childhood Objects

Some things I took for granted, but now appreciate. 

There was a time when we all used to be light enough to stand on one of these and not fall off, get told off, or break a (chair) leg. And you could tell how sat-in the chair had been based on the number of bubbles under the decals.

Friendship jars full of lucky-stars, made of paper strips folded by small hands. These were a thing of pride for both the gifter and receiver—and often displayed on bedroom shelves or in the family dining room behind glass cabinets.

When I finally reached the stage where I could read English on my own, it dawned upon me that my favourite chocolate snack Kit Kat was what mum had been calling ‘Kick Cake’ all those years. But frequent mispronunciations (to this day), are a small price to pay for being able to live life in two languages. And today, my mum is more fluent in our 2 languages than I am. Thanks mum!

Bát quái (Vietnamese for mirror-8-bowl) or bagua (Chinese)—not uncommonly seen hung above entranceways as part of a feng shui practice. Correct placement can help diffuse negative energy.

Letterpress Cat Cards

A Tympan Ink Letterpress Studio Collaboration
Photos: Tympan Ink

Recordkeeping Awareness Campaign

For the Victorian Department of Health & Human Services.
Creative direction, brand strategy, storyboarding, copywriting, illustration and animation—a commercial bundle I often do.
Project: poster & postcard illustrations (below), supporting illustration assets and 6 videos.
Hat tips to the incredible folk at DHHS for approving of the Ribbon Dancing Butler!



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